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41 Years serving the community!

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The volunteers at North Pole Ministries bring happiness and joy to many that see little of either. We see people of all ages who feel forgotten to help them know they are remembered and loved. Santa Johnathan makes each person feel special and valuable.

North Pole Ministries seeks those of all ages who feel more loved through the joy and nostalgia a visit with Santa Claus can bring. People in all walks of life need to be remembered and reminded of the real joy of Christmas all year round.

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Santa gives a candy cane and stuffed animal (see story) and a big smile or hug to each person individually.  Often, the toys we give out are the only gift many receive at Christmas.

At Christmas our Santa visits and gives the stuffed animals and candy canes to kids of all ages, to the sick, dying, underprivileged, mentally challenged, handicapped, and others going through crisis in their lives. Many of the very old people in the nursing homes feel happy when Santa brings back happy memories of their Christmases past.

We assist people who came here from all over the world and from many different cultures.  They all appreciate being with Santa and the assistance North Pole Ministries gives them year round.

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Contact Information

North Pole Ministries, Inc.

Postal address
7214 N. 12th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021
Electronic mail
General Information: santaministries@aol.com


Santa: Johnathan Campbell
President & Secretary: Ellen Campbell
Treasurer: Stefanie Campbell
Director: Johnathan Campbell