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Contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  AZ TAX CREDITS Available!

Arizona Tax Credit Tax Year 2019

For Donations to our Santa Program you can

Make a charitable donation without money coming out of your pocket!

Get your Best Arizona Tax Credit

 Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization (Working Poor) Credit Maximum $400.00 for a Single person or $800.00 for Married

An Arizona Tax credit is applied to reduce your tax liability dollar for dollar.  A Credit actually subtracts from the tax you calculate on the tax return.  It is much BETTER than a deduction!

You have to pay Arizona tax to be able to use these Tax credits.

If you do not pay tax to Arizona, your donations will not work as tax credits but could possibly work as charitable contributions.

 The Qualifying Charitable Organization (Working Poor) Tax Credit was established by the Arizona State legislature to provide financial assistance to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits that spend at least 50% of their budget on service to Arizona residents who live at low–income or poverty levels.

North Pole Ministries Inc. qualifies for this tax credit – we are a 501(c)(3)

Single Arizona taxpayers can reduce their tax burden by a maximum of $400 using this credit.  Married Arizona taxpayers can reduce their tax burden by a maximum of $800 using this credit.

By using this credit, you can direct where some of your tax money goes when you make this donation to North Pole Ministries, a Qualifying Charitable Organization.

 You have to make your donation in the calendar year of 2019 in order to get these credits on your Tax Returns that you do in 2020.

Please consider North Pole Ministries when you are making your charitable contributions this year!

Write us a check; and get reimbursed every dollar on your next tax return!


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