Santa Letter

Contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

A Note From Santa

Dear Friends:

This Christmas will be our 41th year as a ministry and my 5th year being a volunteer Santa serving the community at large.  It is hard to believe our Santa program has surpassed over four decades of service. Over the years, our Santas have visited over 300,000 people and have given out that many candy canes and over 320,000 stuffed animals of all types.  Generous contributions from people like you have made this ministry possible, allowing us to take advantage of the best possible pricing.  This charitable program relies 100% on your gifts.  All of our time is donated and we do not receive any monetary remuneration for providing Santa to so many.   Your gift is appreciated.

 In 2005 Santa John, our Founder, was recognized with an award from President Bush for 25 years of outstanding service as a volunteer to our community.

 As Santa I see people that are disadvantaged, handicapped, old, sick and dying with ages ranging from 3 hours to 103 years old.  This past Christmas season I saw 4,500 people and made over 100 appearances.  During this time I gave away over 4,500 little animals and 5,000 candy canes, assorted candy and a few gifts. 

We have written down some of the most touching stories from over the years and you may have a copy of them if you wish.     Click Here to View Santa Stories

 Your contribution to this program is tax deductible.   North Pole Ministries Inc. is an IRS approved Non Profit charity, a 501 (c) (3) corporation. This designation allows you to take a charitable contribution on your taxes.   I will ensure that you have a receipt for your donation. Our EIN number 27-0010416.

We can accept cash, checks, stock, bonds, real property, running and usable cars, and IRA minimum distributions (call for more info).  Please pray for me, our ministry, and for the many that we will see whose need is great.

 North Pole Ministries qualifies for the Arizona Income Tax Credit for the Qualifying Charitable Organization (Working Poor) Credit.  We are a Qualifying Charity that spends more than 50% of its budget to assist low income people or families in Arizona. You may give up to $800 for married couples ($400 for Singles) and get a tax credit on the Arizona tax return up to the amount of your donation.

Your donations of any amount take advantage of the credits for Arizona returns and amounts over the credit limit are still deductible on your Federal returns.

 In spite of new IRS Rules about your deduction of used cars to a charity, we are prepared to protect and enhance your deduction when you donate your good used car to North Pole Ministries.  We will hold your car until it sells for its best, reasonable, resale price to protect the highest donation for you, unlike some charities.  We have the Tax Expertise to insure that you receive the proper documents you need to protect your donation’s deduction.  Please consider North Pole Ministries when you have a car that you are willing to donate. Call and we can discuss it.    

HO, HO, HO, may God bless you and your family this year.


Johnathan Campbell -Santa     


No one at North Pole Ministries receives a salary.

Contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!