Year Round Activities

Year Round Activities

Throughout the year North Pole Ministries works with people who need help.

John and his family organized North Pole Ministries with the express purpose of providing a tax deductible place for patrons to offset the cost of making people of all ages happy at Christmas and year round. People have enjoyed giving money knowing they are providing candy and stuffed animals for children, the sick and dying people each December and throughout the year with rent, food, utility, medication, and medical bill assistance.

For over 41 years John and Johnathan have been visiting more than 5,000 people a year of all ages, races, health, economics, religions and nationalities as Santa Claus. In December Santa makes over 100 scheduled stops at agency parties, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, churches etc, and sees many others in offices and restaurants. He gives a candy cane and a stuffed animal with a big grin every year–one person at a time. See some examples here!

Outside of Santa visits, we help disadvantaged people with Short Term Emergency Assistance for rent, utilities, medical bills, prescriptions, food, and after fire replacement beds and clothing.

Additionally, we can also refurbish donated computers (Windows 10 or better) at no additional cost.  Computers are so important to us in this day and age, not having one for school work, job applications, etc can be a severe impediment to people/families.

No one at North Pole Ministries receives a salary.

Contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!